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Series 6

  • We carry a large range of blank keys                  
  • Keys cut to code or sample                 
  • Restricted master key systems                 
  • Key design and installation                 
  • Most auto transponder keys cut                 

Installing Series 6 products throughout South Australia

Series 6
If you're working to a tight budget but don't want to compromise on quality, look no further than the Series 6 range of security products. At Richards Lock N Safe, we can supply and install the highly regarded Series 6 key systems, which guarantee to keep your assets protected around the clock.
series 6

Series 6 – Australian Lock’s alternative six pin in-line series

Series Six is a high-quality six pin lock barrel, which is easily fitted into existing key systems. The Series Six product range currently covers the most common cylinder barrels and will continue to expand according to market needs.

In fact, there are well over 30 different Series Six plug types. Series Six also offers multi-level master keying capabilities. The extensive plug range is available to retrofit most common locksets.

Quality and integrity guaranteed

Australian Lock Company manufactures Series Six barrels and keys within their Unanderra factory to ensure complete product integrity.

The very latest key milling technology has been designed and purpose-built for the Australian Lock Company to ensure the customer can be guaranteed the high quality expected from Australia’s award-winning manufacturer of BiLock high security locking systems.

Secure key systems tailored to your business needs

Individual company logos will often be seen on (coined into) the key heads. The key has been designed with added material that gives it a width, which cannot be readily or easily manufactured from existing key blanks. It should, as a result, only be available from our approved Series-Six locksmiths.

Profiles which are registered designs afford customers peace of mind. These profiles are created to be purchased exclusively or on a shared or multi-level basis. In designing Series Six profiles, the Australian Lock Company has made every attempt to provide profiles through which no other key profile should pass.

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